The athletic department at University of Virginia requires 2 systems to be hooked up at each of their ticketing booths, one for their in-house event ticketing and one for their ticketmaster system.  Their in-house units are running Windows 7, and subsequently with their existing KVM switches were having problems with re-detecting EDID data every time the computer goes to sleep and then awakes. This adjusts the resolution of the display every time making it a big hassle.


Customer started using ConnectPRO KVM with all time active DDC support.


Customer can now keep the same resolution even if the computer goes to sleep. When it awakes, it’s still on the right resolution without re-calibrating. The all-time DDC (Data Display Channel) makes this possible since there is constant communication between the computer and the display.


“the video information active, even when the computers go into ‘sleep’ mode, so when waking them up, getting the correct resolution isn’t a problem.” –Howard, I.T. Dept, University of Virginia

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