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VGA-to-VGA DDC/EDID Emulator



Product Overview

The ConnectPRO DDC EDID Emulator is designed to solve the problem that computers can sometimes lose the Extended Display Identification Data (EDID). The DDC EDID data is vital for the video extension; it is a data structure provided by a computer display to describe its characteristics to a graphics card. However, when you switch or disconnect and then reconnect a display such as a monitor, you may lose DDC EDID communication and subsequently the computer may fail to display the image properly, if at all.

Now, such is no longer the case if you use ConnectPRO’s VGA DDC EDID Emulator module. The ConnectPRO DDC EDID Emulator allows the user to have best video image setting all the time. Through an easy programmed process, the display’s DDC EDID is memorized in the DDC module, thus preventing our customers from blank screens and boot problems as well as resolving the issue of display resolution and color due to a lack of DDC EDID information.

Features & Benefits

  • Store EDID information for VGA display with full EDID Cloning of existing display.
  • True DDC emulation
    • Support dual page DDC for compatible resolutions
  • Supplies standard EDID information when no cloned information is available
  • Installs in seconds
    • Easy and Compact design for installation and operation
  • Interface Powered by VGA connector pin 9 or external supply by USB connector or 5V power supply
  • Multiple options for providing external power when necessary
  • USB pass-through port means no USB port is wasted when using USB power option. Connect USB devices to USB A port and use them as if directly connected to computer.
  • Multiple kits available for various accessories and power options (VGA cable, USB cable, Power supply)

UPC Code : 641458328096

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 x 5 x 3 in
Display Connection

Power Adapter Included

USB Cable Included

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